IGK Interiors | About Us
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IGK is a women’s enterprise having a great vision to create happy families and delight it’s customers by offering world class products and services.

This shall be achieved by continuous  effort to improve Quality, Design & Services.

Vision & Mission




With a clear goal of achieving 100 Crores turnover by the year 2020 & catering to the satisfaction of our customers, we intend to expand our product & services horizon.

By the end of year 2021, we have a clear vision of setting up a state of the art manufacturing unit in Karnataka state to offer high quality products.






IGK is a group of like minded people who strive hard to satisfy the needs of our customers by creating a healthy employee competency.

Management Profiles

Managing Director

Shobha Sundaresha

“Being a women I know how difficult it is to keep family all the time happy. But in IGK I have taken a strong decision to create happy families around the world by providing the best of products and services.”